The Amazing Oil That Prevents Hair Loss and Re-Grows Eyebrow Hair

Hair loss is one of the signs of aging and it is frustrating issue that bothers all people, particularly men. Genetics can accelerate the hair loss and many people experience hair thinning, balding and receding hairlines.

In the pharmacies you can find various products which are specially created to prevent hair loss and in same time to boost hair growth. Unfortunately, these products do not provide the promised effects. Moreover, most of these products are loaded with chemicals which may have negative impact on your health.

Many people, especially women use different products in order to make their eyebrows and eyelashes thick and luscious.

Castor oil is pale yellow oil obtained from castor beans. Since ancient times this oil was used as potent cure for treatment of numerous ailments. This natural oil possesses powerful antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but also is rich source of vitamin E, proteins, minerals and omega-9 fatty acids.

It was proved to be efficient in treatment of:


Menstrual cramps

Athlete’s foot

Gastrointestinal problems

Acne, pimples, and skin issues



Skin infections

Dandruff, and other fungal or microbial infections of the scalp

Castor oil is one of the best natural treatments for hair and skin issues.

Due to the fact that it is abundant with omega-9 fatty acids, it nourishes the hair follicles and boosts the growth of your brows and lashes. It is high in triglycerides of unsaturated fats and it will rejuvenate the hair. It also contains ricinoleic acid which prevents and treats fungi, mildew and infections.

Dr. David William explains that castor oil helps the lymph flow. He explains: “There is no drug that can improve the flow of lymph, but the topical application of castor oil can achieve that”.

This is how to use castor oil:

Castor Oil Pack

This oil is remarkable natural treatment of digestive issues, ovary ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps, kidney stones, fibroids and swollen joints.

Pour a bit of the oil over few layers of gauze, and apply the gauze on the problematic area. In order to get even better effects, place a bottle of hot water over it and let it act for an hour. Repeat this method 3 times a week.

Massage for hair growth

In order to boost hair growth, simply pour several drops of castor oil on your fingers and gently massage the scalp. On this way you will open the pores and the oil will enter into the follicles.

Brows and Lashes Thickening Lotion

This oil has the ability to thicken the eyelashes and eyebrows and will add volume!


15 drops garlic oil

30 ml castor oil

20 ml panthenol

Preparation and use:

In a bowl mix all ingredients and apply the resulted mixture to the lashes and brows. For best effects, use this mixture on daily basis. You should apply this oil before you go to sleep. The effects will amaze you!

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